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Soon after, my coworkers and I were chatting about dogs in the office , and my editor suggested I take this theory to the streets. Sign up and make sure you are always on top of the most important info for you and your pets. “We are thankful to report that due to the quick response of the troopers and his mother, the terrified child was safely located and in good health,” troopers said. During the search, a trooper and the child’s mother heard his voice in the distance.

Date My Pet also offers fun links to pet-related stories in addition to advice on pets and dating. If you’re looking for love in all the wrong places, it’s time for Fido to help you find Mr. Right (or at least Mr. Right Now). Let your animal attraction shine through with the latest online dating sites built specifically with pet owners in mind.

I’m trying to seek out more little moments of humanity like those, to get to know my big, wide community at Penn State, one dog at a time. Dating websites offer fun features that allow one to set up interesting profiles with a collection of snapshots, description of hobbies and status updates. A member is able to view thousands of profiles and contact potential singles. In last couple of years the Internet has seen a steady rise in the number of dating websites for animal lovers, especially in the West.

Joining a Web site that features profiles of a person with their dog helps screen out the dog averse and assist those looking to use a common interest to date or meet other dog lovers. After you have been matched, you can start a private chat with the person. This may lead to a meeting for a dog-friendly day at a park or other place where dogs are welcome. It can also be used to match single dog owners with other dog owners online.


The market for dogs and dating has exploded – so much that now a whole slew of new dog-centered dating apps like Dig & Tindog has arrived on the scene. My Pugs are part of the family, and any man who wants to get serious about me also needs to be serious about my dogs. Our customer support teams are here for you 24/7, keeping your space filled with genuine pet lovers. All profiles go through our verification process for extra peace of mind.

Some run-ins are absolutely normal however when it comes to pets it may not go down too well with the animal parent. There is always this desire to find the ideal match who appeals to your four-legged soul mate as well. Someone who is as passionate about dogs and accepts your pet as family is top on any dog-lover’s checklist.

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(There was actually a Kickstarter for a dog-breeds-with-dog matchmaking app that only raised $187 out of a $50,0000 goal). Rather, BarkBuddy is to match lonely humans with single dogs who are up for adoption at nearby shelters. Lots of people sign up simply looking for friendship and dog-walking companions. And it’s proving popular – the UK is the fourth biggest user of the app worldwide. But a few weeks ago, while walking past a dog park with my cousin and her sons, I offhandedly mentioned that dogs are the ultimate icebreakers. “If you’ve got a dog on a leash, I swear, people just swarm you. It’s got to be the best way to pick up guys.”

If there isn’t, you can almost guarantee that people would join the group if it was created. The Belgian Tervuren dog breed, also known simply as the Tervuren, is stunningly beautiful and highly intelligent. Originating in Belgium, Belgian Tervurens are initially bred… Besides sharing information about yourself, write a few lines about your dog as well – which breed it is, how old is your pet, and maybe some of its favorite activities. To become one of the members all you have to do is complete a form. Only basic info is required, and most profiles are semi-detailed.

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Certain metrics are used within the site to match up users, often based on personal characteristics you might have in common, such as education, hobbies, values, goals and more. Online dating sites offer a platform to find a partner that fits into contemporary lifestyles and our ever-increasingly internet-reliant world. These sites are often subscription-based, where you pay a monthly fee to use the service. This is the preferred method for those who are simply interested in making friends with other dog owners, and/or helping your dog make friends in the area. It’s also a viable dating option for those who want to take things slow… by establishing a true friendship first. I base this information on my own single days as a dog owner.

After four exchanged messages, you can hop on Video Date or video call. Be honest when answering questions, because matches are based on your answers. If you swipe right, the match is made, and you can start chatting. Tinder has a simple interface, and everything is straightforward. There aren’t many search filters, and you can only browse through profiles in your neighborhood.

Ticks are a common problem for dogs and their owners, especially when your pet spends a lot of time outside, running in tall grass. You can browse through photos of cute dogs and their humans, and share your own, and keep everything private until you’re ready to reach out. Dig is probably the most popular website for dog lovers to find someone for a serious relationship , or rarely, someone to hook up with . Chances are, finding romance with someone like-minded when it comes to animals is more likely on a dating site or app designed especially for dog people, such as Dig or FetchaDate.

When it comes to interests, members are mostly looking for new friendships and deeper connections. If you are looking for a hookup, you should search for another website. Your furry friend how to join facebook.com/dating could help you find a new partner – your other half should like both you and your dog. 70 percent are more likely to chat online or even go home with people who say they have a dog.

“I guess puppy eyes is going to be their cliche thing,” he says. “Well, they seem to have hit it off,” I said, probably a bit too loudly and a couple of octaves too high. Will laughed and gave a nervous “yes” before apologising for being a bit late. As we walked I tried to ask friendly, chatty questions such as how many other dates he’d been on via Tindog and whether he thought it was easier to meet people when you have a dog .

Or you can set up a dog lovers coffee meet and greet to get to know other dog lovers in the local area. When you and your pet are a complete package, it’s not always easy to find someone who understands that special bond. Date My Pet is filled with pet owners who share the same views on pet parenting and bonding as you do. Date my pet,” tells potential prospects that you mean business when it comes to your pet.