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Fishing is available at Red Lodge KOA Journey, and there is also a covered pavilion on-site. Here you’ll find oppor­tu­ni­ties for swim­ming, fish­ing, boat­ing and camp­ing. Camp­sites are set among the trees and in open grassy areas. Explore fur­ther afield to find blue­ber­ry and cran­ber­ry bush­es along the path around the pond. Spend a night at this free, prim­i­tive camp­ground on a scenic moraine once trod by thou­sands of gold-seekers. Or set up a tent in many loca­tions with a bit of pri­va­cy and then be ser­e­nad­ed by the melody of rush­ing water all night long.

Riding horses, for me, has always been a pleasurable experience! There is just something about going places was cars normally can’t to enjoy a bit more of nature. The site is a little more enclosed and since there aren’t a lot of spots for a huge crowd it’s quiet and has a lot more potential for one on one time for you and the lake. Yellowstone National Park; one of the most beautiful parks in the United States.

Just minutes from the western entrance to Glacier National Park, this campground is conveniently located and offers plenty of modern amenities. The grounds are pristine, featuring scenic views, places to relax, and renovated, clean facilities. Roads are fully paved and campsites are well-maintained and easy to access. You’ll find a handful of good restaurants nearby and anything you could need during your stay. So what i typically like to do when i’m going to glacier is if i’m staying in the park for say more than two days.

You are sure to enjoy the beautiful view of the river as well as the surrounding mountains and astounding sunrises and sunsets. Located on the scenic Clearwater River on US Highway 12. And then from west glacier, it’s another about an hour and a half to get up to logan pass. So i mean, you’re talking at least three hours of drive time each way, just to get to the main parking lot along the going-to-the-sun road. And so it just doesn’t make sense as like a base camp for your trip. Mary specifically on the east side, so that i’m not spending so much time in the car while i’m trying to get to all the different points of interest in glacier.

Why You’ll Love Sunset RV Park

This facility is conveniently located in the western part of the park, nearby many day hikes, including Rocky Point Trail, which wanders through a burn area from a 2003 wildfire. Explorers of all ages can attend nightly ranger programs at an amphitheater within the facility. Fish Creek is heavily forested with plenty of shade. The park is named for its prominent glacier-carved terrain and remnant glaciers descended from the ice ages almost 10,000 years ago. Its diverse habitats are home to nearly 70 species of mammals including the grizzly bear, wolverine, gray wolf and lynx.

So spragg creek is a really small campground here on the shore of lake mcdonald. You come over to the side of lake mcdonald over here. Fish creek is another beautiful campground, it has showers, it’s pretty well developed. And then you’ve got the north Happn text chat fork area, which is up over here. And so that includes kintla lake, bowman lake, and then this area right in here, the camas road and things like that. Polebridge is the little town up there and they don’t have traditional electricity at polebridge.

Blueberry Lake State Recreation Site

There are plenty of bike paths and picnic areas around the lake, and although the campground is in a popular area of the park, it’s quite calm and quiet. The hosts are constantly present and very friendly. If you love KOA campgrounds, this one is unbeatable, literally. The West Glacier KOA won the 2017 Campground of the Year award, making it the number one KOA in North America. The price may seem a little high, but visitors quickly realize the value they’re getting by staying here. Sites are level and well-shaded and include multiple hookups, beautiful landscaping, a patio area with seating areas and nice gas grills.

The campground is beautiful, it’s covered in trees, really nice, pretty big site. But you’re pretty limited as far as like groceries, shopping, activities, stuff like that there’s not a whole lot over here. Then you have the many glacier area, which is just up here north of st. mary, this is a really beautiful area of glacier, super popular, definitely worth the trip if you have the time. So glacier actually has 13 different front country campgrounds. Some are better than others, depending on what you’re hoping to do while you’re in glacier, and whether or not it’s a first time visit for you. I mentioned how some of the upper sites were really close to the park, but Buffalo Crossing RV Park is literally the closest campsite to Yellowstone.

These tour buses will pick you up at our campground daily. Visit the Glacier National Park Lodges’ Website for more information on tours available and reservations. There are also shuttles available in Apgar, just inside the park’s entrance. Hit the road for some truly epic sites with these national park drives. From soaring peaks to dramatic coasts here are nine national parks with some of the best scenic drives.

Campgrounds in West Glacier

Special rules will likely be involved so know before you burn. Remember that responsible campers will have proper equipment handy including a shovel and fire extinguisher. The strength and availability of wifi will likely vary but this park does provide some level of wifi internet service. These sites generally are best suited to RV coaches with a windshields.